Gorillas' Faster Than You

Gorillas Logo

Gorillas, the German startup that operates a chain of dark stores that offer fast grocery delivery in residential areas, has a motto of “Faster Than You.” In addition to offering super-fast delivery, it is also expanding fast: In a little over ten months, Gorillas has expanded to more than twelve cities, including Amsterdam, London and Munich, and built up more than 40 micro fulfilment centres.

The company’s service is available in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK and is expected to launch in France any time soon. Gorillas’ app gives customers access to more than 2000 essential items at retail prices in only 10 minutes.

Gorillas, which was founded less than a year ago, raised a 244 million euros round of funding last month. Its valuation currently exceeds one billion dollars, which already gives it the status of unicorn. The company is considering introducing a private label.